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relax certificate chain assertion

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......@@ -67,12 +67,11 @@ class TestACMEDNSTiny(unittest.TestCase):
# helper function to valid success by making assertion on returned certificate chain
def _assert_certificate_chain(self, cert_chain):
# Output have to contains two certificates
certlist = cert_chain.split("-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----")
self.assertEqual(3, len(certlist))
self.assertEqual('', certlist[0])
self.assertIn("-----END CERTIFICATE-----{0}".format(os.linesep), certlist[1])
self.assertIn("-----END CERTIFICATE-----{0}".format(os.linesep), certlist[2])
# Output have to contain at least two certificates to create a chain
certlist = list(filter(None, cert_chain.split("-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----")))
self.assertTrue(len(certlist) >= 2)
for cert in certlist:
self.assertIn("-----END CERTIFICATE-----", cert)
# Use openssl to check validity of chain and simple test of readability
readablecertchain = _openssl("x509", ["-text", "-noout"],
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