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      DNS timeout requires dnspython >=1.16 · e8651b9f
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      This updates CI/CD pipeline to install latest dnspython on Debian Stretch
      with pip3.
      It also add cobertura report to view coverage status on Gitlab Merge
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      Version 3.0 (CHANGELOG and User Agent) · 02520821
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      *BREAKING CHANGE* automatically resolve zone name and authoritative name servers · 540c3d72
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      *BREAKING CHANGE* the `[DNS]` configuration section is completely optional and
      modified: `Zone`, `Host` and `Port` have been removed and `NameServer` has been
      added. See below for more information.
      Before this version, `acme-dns-tiny` used the `Host` configuration as
      `DNS` nameserver to send `DNS` resource record requests *AND* to install `DNS`
      Now, `acme-dns-tiny` uses by default the system DNS nameserver
      to send `DNS` resource record requests.
      You can change this behavior with the new `NameServer` settings which defines
      a list of name server by IP addresses (separated by comma).
      Now, acme-dns-tiny will install `DNS` resource records required
      for the `ACME`challenges on the `DNS` zone defined by the `SOA` and `NS`
      resource records for *each domain* defined on the certificate signing request
      (the `CSR` file).
      As said above, for these two `DNS` requests (`SOA` and `NS` resource records),
      `acme-dns-tiny` will use by default the system `DNS` server or the one
      configured with `NameServer`.
      With `SOA` and `NS` `DNS` resource records, `acme-dns-tiny` is able to retrieve
      zone name and authoritative name server automatically.
      That's why `Zone` and `Host` configuration have been removed.
      With these records, acme-dns-tiny can retrieve zone name and authoritative name
      server list automatically.
      In detail:
        * to resolve zone name acme-dns-tiny uses the dnspython built-in function
        * to lookup for master authoritative name servers, acme-dns-tiny queries
        SOA and NS resource records as described in the [RFC 2136](https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/rfc2136#section-4).
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