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Breaking and behavior changes:
* Automatically resolve zone name and authoritative name servers
  * A new configuration file is required due to this new functionality:
    * DNS section is fully optional
    * DNS section only contains `Timeout` and `NameServer` options
    * Now acme-dns-tiny uses by default the system name server to query DNS resources
      (you can specify other with the  new `NameServer` option).
  * With the help of `SOA` and `NS` DNS resource records, `acme-dns-tiny` is able to
    automatically find the DNS authoritative server where to install ACME DNS-01 challenges.
    See [commit message](
    for more details.
* Requests sent to ACME server and DNS server have a default timeout to 10 seconds
  * Before, acme-dns-tiny could hand forever waiting for a HTTP or DNS response
  * dnspython >= 1.16 is required due to this new functionality

  * use Python context manager to run `openssl` commands

Continuous Integration:
  * add tests to keep coherent code style (linters for  YAML and python files)
  * run `check` stage with Debian Bullseye
  * git default branch is now `main` instead of `master`