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  • v3.0
    9e965c81 · release 3.0 ·
    Release v3.0
    Breaking and behavior changes:
    * Automatically resolve zone name and authoritative name servers
      * A new configuration file is required due to this new functionality:
        * DNS section is fully optional
        * DNS section only contains `Timeout` and `NameServer` options
        * Now acme-dns-tiny uses by default the system name server to query DNS resources
          (you can specify other with the  new `NameServer` option).
      * With the help of `SOA` and `NS` DNS resource records, `acme-dns-tiny` is able to
        automatically find the DNS authoritative server where to install ACME DNS-01 challenges.
        See [commit message](https://projects.adorsaz.ch/adrien/acme-dns-tiny/-/commit/540c3d72223a604766def58ee8d6b5215d6e07da)
        for more details.
    * Requests sent to ACME server and DNS server have a default timeout to 10 seconds
      * Before, acme-dns-tiny could hand forever waiting for a HTTP or DNS response
      * dnspython >= 1.16 is required due to this new functionality
      * use Python context manager to run `openssl` commands
    Continuous Integration:
      * add tests to keep coherent code style (linters for  YAML and python files)
      * run `check` stage with Debian Bullseye
      * git default branch is now `main` instead of `master`
  • v2.4.1
    Release v2.4.1
    Fix typos on log messages. Thanks [cpswan](https://github.com/Trim/acme-dns-tiny/pull/6).
  • v2.4
    Release v2.4
    Feature fixed on v2.4:
      * correctly retrieve account information when it was already registred (afb7e988)
      * when DNS Host configuration is an IP address, use it correctly as name server (2776348a)
      * improve code stability by following hints from [pyright](https://github.com/microsoft/pyright)
        (raises more explicit errors, fix function return type...)
    Continuous Integration:
      * Remove tests for Debian Jessie and add tests for Debian Bullseye (a745e655)
      * Validate all tests with the [pebble](https://github.com/letsencrypt/pebble) tiny ACME server
      * Move documentation from wiki to [`/documentations`](./documentations) directory so we can always synchronize it with code
  • v2.3
    Maintenance release v2.3
    Feature fixed on v2.3:
      * fix compatibility with dnspython 2.0 (#11)
      * fix issue when trying to apply DNS update on secondary server (thanks Sebastian Koechlin)
      * fix debug message when CNAME was not found
      * fix test chain assertion (a chain contains more than 1 certificate)
    Feature added:
      * skip already validated authorization challenge
    Continuous Integration improvement:
      * Debian Stretch tests were using Debian Jessie image
      * Enable Docker build uses [BUILDKIT](https://docs.docker.com/develop/develop-images/build_enhancements/)
        and the `overlay2` filesystem driver
      * the .gitignore file has been simplified
  • v2.2
    Release v2.2
    Some bug fixes, code style following pep8 and updated Continuous Integration stages
  • v2.1
    Release v2.1
    Compatibility with ACME v2 draft-16
  • v2.0
    Release v2.0
    This release is only compatible with Let's Encrypt V2 API which is based on the 9th draft of ACME RFC.
  • v1.5
    Release v1.5
    A bit of code rework to be more clear, simpler unit tests and support for Windows end of lines (not tested on this OS, feedbacks are welcome !)
  • v1.4
    Release v1.4
    * use Nonce received in latest ACME server response if available
    * Added a script to implement account key rollover
    * Moved aside the script used to delete account key
  • v1.3
    Release v1.3
  • v1.2
    Release v1.2
    * Add tests to cover more code
    * Clean a bit info messages
    * Fix typos
  • v1.1
    Release v1.1
    Update README links
  • v1.0
    Release v1.0
    First release of acme-dns-tiny.